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Onemeeting.com offers a unique location booking platform to book meeting locations & associated services directly. Our Meeting Experts advise companies and organizations in searching, comparing, booking and managing their meeting locations and services. It is our goal to completely unburden our partners with a full-service meeting management solution in order to reduce meeting costs and CO2 emissions.

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1. Platforms

Onemeeting.com is the location booking platform for business meetings. Onemeeting.com customers book all their locations in a personal booking environment and gain control over all their meetings. By integrating the booking platform with the customer's systems, we provide a sustainable and secure total solution.

2. Meeting Experts

The Meeting Experts of Onemeeting.com advise their customers in searching, comparing and booking all their meetings and conclude sustainable meeting contracts for this purpose. They help venues develop their Meeting Center and provide unique meeting management services for meeting & hospitality operations, such as theatres, conference centres, hotels and multi-tenant real estate.

3. Result

The goal of Onemeeting.com is to realize a clear and sustainable result for corporate companies, organizations and locations. Reducing the meeting costs and carbon footprint of companies and strengthening the market position of all connected locations are our result mission.

Nice to meet you, we are:

Meeting experts

We make our customers happy with a perfect booking of every meeting. We unburden our customers from A to Z for the entire organization of every meeting at home and abroad.

Nancy van der Linden


Manager Meeting Experts

MT Member

Leanne Rabenort-van der Linden


Meeting Expert

Leotine Nieberg - van de Pol


Meeting Expert

robin devries


Meeting Expert

Koen Heywegen


Meeting Expert

Savielle Roemeling


Manager Operations One Meeting Services

MT Member

Susan Sterenberg - Rink


Head of Venue Partnerships

MT Member

Ingrid van der Linden


Senior Sales Manager
Strategic Partnership

Lucie Klein Ovink - Boomkamp


Head of Sales

MT Member

Platform Experts

Platform Onemeeting.com is our next generation and self-made meeting management system. An all-in-one business solution that connects our customers to our locations.

Myrna Hoogendoorn


Product Owner Meeting System & Booking Platform

MT Member

Simone van Kranenburg - van Trigt


Team Lead Contracts & Services

Lisanne van Dyke


Team Lead Meeting System

Jeremy Stoutjesdijk


Team Member Contracts & Services

Lisa Bettinger


Team Member Contracts & Services

Frans Hulshoff


IT Manager & Security Officer

Jose del Olmo


Chief Technology Officer & Security Manager

Sander van Oosterom

Sander van Oosterom

On site PM
Extended Team by Gateway

Priya Pal

Priya Pal

Sr. Developer – Software development
Extended Team by Gateway

Mehul Mehta

Mehul Mehta

Lead – Software development
Extended Team by Gateway

Dev Chaniyara

Dev Chaniyara

Developer – Software development
Extended Team by Gateway

Rushang Shah

Rushang Shah

Analyst – Software development
Extended Team by Gateway

Matthew Borgdorff


Team Member Meeting System

Christian Calf


Team Lead Booking Platform

Marit Suntjens

Marit Suntjens

Freelance Online Marketer

Support & Direction

We make people happy with our hospitality & meeting companies. We believe in the power of hospitality and distinguish ourselves with our meeting solutions.

Steve van Grondelle


Team Member Finance & Control

Tinka Beuman


Team Member Finance & Control

Jessy Elberse


Team Member Finance & Control

Marloes ter Horst


Team MemberFinance & Invoicing

Jolanda Wolters - Hanekamp


Team MemberFinance & Invoicing

Marcella Dijkslag


Team Member Payroll Administration & Reports

Anita Cornette


Manager HR & Culture

Anika de Graaf


HR Advisor

Danielle Bijsterbosch


Intern HR & Culture

Nicole Wigboldus


Intern CSR & Operations

Kevin van Grondelle


Chief Business Development Officer

Board Member

Ingrid van der Wal-Koek


Chief Operations Officer

Board Member

Ina van Tolij


Executive Assistant

Luke van Bussel


Chief Executive Officer

Michael Heiligers


Chief Financial Officer

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Our inspiration

Complexity. Organizing a meeting is a very complex and time-consuming activity. Searching, comparing, assessing, booking and managing demands a lot from companies and organizations. We see that too many companies lose too much time, energy and focus when booking locations. It's not their core business. That is why we believe in our role and added value as a sustainable and innovative intermediary. We remove the complexity with our platform and our expertise, and achieve our results with it.

Simplicity. We make bookings for business meetings very simple. Our venue booking platform and our Meeting Experts take the complexity out of our customers' minds. This creates a clear and sustainable added value as a platform organization. By simplifying location bookings, we fulfill our mission to unburden companies, organizations, institutions and governments as much as possible. We can't explain it any simpler.

Results. As a location booking platform, we achieve a clear and sustainable result in optimizing the meeting costs and carbon footprint of companies. At the same time, we strengthen the market position and growth of locations with our unique meeting center development services. Our results are the result of our unique meeting systems, personal services and the integral cooperation with our partners.

We plan and manage all business meetings for companies, organizations and governments. With a wide range of locations on our platform, we offer the right location for every meeting.
We are the Meeting Expert of the Netherlands.

We are complete ISO 27001 certified

One Meeting - French

We are officially ISO 27001 certified. A successful audit by Kiwa has shown that we meet all points of the standard for information security requirements. We have invested in this information security so that we are a reliable and safe partner for customers, locations and partners.

Information security applies to the primary and supporting processes from booking to payment.

  • Information security applies to all primary and supporting processes
  • Security level within Onemeeting.com at a necessary basic level
  • Foster mutual trust between Onemeeting.com and customers, venues or suppliers

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The starting point was at the beginning of 2018, when a GDPR compliance check was carried out by an external party as a result of the new GDPR legislation. This has led to an internal process to carry out all actions to become GDPR compliant. In the course of this process, the need arose to achieve ISO 27001 certification. In November 2018, a baseline measurement was performed by an external party. In 2019, the conclusion was drawn that the importance of a secure Information Security Policy and ICT security is increasing. This is partly driven by the new AVG legislation, but also by the need of customers and potential customers to make visible that we are a reliable and safe partner in the field of information security. In that context, it was decided to start a process to achieve ISO 27001 certification. The 0 baseline measurement was the starting point to get started with all action points and to find a solution for all necessary design questions.

For this process, we were guided externally by the company Stonefield. In addition, we have to purchase a GRC software package “CyberManager” as a tool for completing and securing mandatory policy documents, indicating actions and monitoring & guaranteeing follow-up, and being able to start an internal awareness program for employees through eLearning training. On June 1, 2021, we were certified by KIWA for ISO 27001:2017.

Information security applies to the primary and supporting processes of Onemeeting.com, to unburden you from booking to payment for business meetings, meetings, overnight stays and conferences. Onemeeting.com BV uses ISO 27001 as the basis for setting up a system of security measures. This system consists of the following subjects:

  • Security Policy
  • Organization of security
  • Asset management
  • Security of personnel
  • Physical security and security of the environment
  • Management of communication and operating processes
  • Access security
  • Acquisition, development and maintenance of information systems
  • Security incident management
  • Business continuity management
  • Compliance

Our promises

Working together with Onemeeting.com increases your efficiency in booking meeting and event locations and managing those bookings. We do this at home and abroad. As a Meeting Expert, we are your knowledge partner and experience expert with the largest selection of locations in the Netherlands. By outsourcing the purchase of your meeting locations to us, you save valuable time and energy.

Onemeeting.com is a full service venue booking platform from booking to payment. Searching, comparing, reviewing, booking, changing, canceling, confirming and billing meetings provides a complete meeting management service that is fully supported digitally.

The goal of Onemeeting.com is to optimize the integral meeting costs for companies and organizations. We do this by giving you insight into the costs, giving you a grip on the costs and helping you to reduce them. Central purchasing thus contributes to unburdening your colleagues and reducing the costs of your meetings. A double result.

The private booking platform for clients offers 24/7 control over and insight into all bookings and activities. Ideal for buyers and category managers, but also as a booker. The platform provides a real-time service and is therefore unique in the market.

Onemeeting.com is an innovative and sustainable location booking platform. We help companies and organizations to organize all their meetings sustainably and safely. Onemeeting.com is the first in the Netherlands to book 100% climate neutral and thus contributes to the national climate objectives.

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