Eenhoorn Meeting Center is located in the heart of the Netherlands. With their sustainable way of working, perfect accessibility and the hospitable team, they offer you a unique location for your meeting, conference or event in Amersfoort.

Meeting rooms in the Eenhoorn Amersfoort (NL)

Organize a company party at the Eenhoorn in Amersfoort


An unforgettable company party requires a surprising event location in Amersfoort. Take your guests to the center of the Netherlands and give them an experience that they will remember for a long time. STUDIO33 surprises and amazes. They promise. Or rather: they make that happen.

Organize a company party at the Eenhoorn in Amersfoort


Tasteful catering and an attractive Foyer should of course not be missing during your event. Enjoy a drink with one of the catering options after your meeting in Studio 33.

Rent a meeting room at Eenhoorn in Amersfoort

Other areas

Large or small group, you naturally want to rent the perfect meeting room. This conference center has 32 room solutions with different capacities. Suitable as a conference location for up to 350 participants or as a meeting location for smaller groups. All rooms have maximum daylight and are equipped with very comfortable furniture.

Amount U shape Board/Square School Cabaret Theater M2
11 10 12 8 12 20 <35
7 14 16 12 24 30 36-50
10 22 26 24 40 50 51-75
2 30 34 30 70 80 76-100
1 40 50 56 100 120 101-125
STUDIO33 150 250 350 126-150


Events up to 900 people

One contact person with whom you can communicate quickly and efficiently

Easily accessible by public transport & car in the middle of the Netherlands


Sustainable meetings, Green Key Gold certified

Heart-warming hospitality

One contact person with whom you can communicate quickly and efficiently

Hybrid/online meetings

Technical experts who take care of everything

Professional appearance and facilities

Permanent contact person in the preliminary phase

Dinner show

Culinary wonder

Extremely accessible

Your tailor-made dinner show


  • Party and event location

  • Training location

  • Wifi internet

  • Parking lots

  • In the heart of the Netherlands


  • 320 m2 in 24 subsidiaries

  • Large and frameless projection surface

  • Moving LED lighting

  • Omniwave sound system

  • Digital sound table

Food & Beverages

  • Restaurant

  • Extensive lunch buffet

  • Customized catering

  • End the meeting with drinks

  • 3-course dinner

Arrangements at the Eenhoorn Amersfoort (NL)

With the EIGHT HOURS package, you and your guests enjoy a good start, water & bites, a lunch to love and a spicy break. Would you rather enjoy the all-in options for TWO, FOUR, TWELVE or even TWENTY-FOUR HOURS? That is also possible! Do you have other wishes? We are happy to create a tailor-made program together with you, so that your training, course or market research is completely tailored to your wishes. Curious about the possibilities? We are happy to think along with you.

Walking dinner show catering

Green Key Gold for the Eenhoorn

Corporate social responsibility in a sustainable manner is of paramount importance here. The Eenhoorn believes it is important to deal with the world in which we live in a careful manner. To show that they comply with the laws and regulations in the field of corporate social responsibility, they have drawn up a statement with the measures taken.

Accessibility & parking at the Eenhoorn

Are you coming by car? From the directions of Amsterdam, Apeldoorn, Utrecht or Zwolle (A1 and A28) you have an excellent connection to Amersfoort. There are no fewer than 114 parking spaces, including 8 parking spaces with an electric charging point. If you enter Barchman Wuytierslaan 2 on your navigation, you will automatically arrive at the parking lot.

The car park is cashless, you enter using your license plate and pay at the exit with your debit card or telephone.

The rate for parking at Eenhoorn Amersfoort is €1 per 25 minutes. The maximum daily rate is €15.

Dinner show in the Eenhoorn in Amersfoort

Dinner show in Amersfoort

Your dinner show, in the heart of Amersfoort and in that of your guests. Take your guests into the world of STUDIO33 and give them the experience of the unexpected. Give them a taste of the good life: singing, dancing, beautifully laid tables and culinary surprises. STUDIO33 makes your dinner show a controversial and tasteful moment, here in the heart of Amersfoort.

Training location Amersfoort

Eenhoorn Meeting Center Amersfoort is, partly due to its perfect accessibility, an excellent location for giving your course or training. Are you looking for a comfortable space with all facilities? Modern technology with technical support? Where can you safely store your course materials and break up in groups? Then the Eenhoorn the training location you are looking for!

Training location Eenhoorn Amersfoort (NL)

What guests say about the Eenhoorn Meeting Center Amersfoort…

Very friendly and helpful employees

“We have been holding our study days here for a number of years. Very friendly and helpful employees! The Eenhoorn is a great partner to work with.”

MBO Language Academy

Extremely friendly

“Extremely friendly, flexible, helpful, beautiful rooms, well cared for, good food, helpful thinking, good accessibility, hospitable, fast, familiar. In short: very satisfied!”


Communication ran smoothly

“We actually only received positive feedback on the way you organized everything and communication also ran smoothly. Super!"


Listened carefully and thought along!

“From the first moment of contact, we listened carefully and considered our wishes. We used both STUDIO33 and the Foyer.”

Anoushka the Knight, Youke

Activities near the Eenhoorn

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Book an overnight stay close to the Eenhoorn!

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During this city walk you will pass the nicest places in historic Amersfoort.

Visit the Kei and discover the historical story behind this 7000 kilo stone.

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