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Your privacy is important to us, which is why we handle your data with care. We process your data with the aim of being the number one partner and total solution provider for all your meetings, in addition to being the nicest company in the Netherlands. In this document we describe the ways in which we process your data and what we do to guarantee the protection of privacy-sensitive data. This document consists of the following articles:

  1. Responsible
  2. Legal bases
  3. Data
  4. Purposes and accountability
  5. Your rights
  6. Websites
  7. Types of cookies
  8. Sharing of personal data
  9. Storage period
  10. Technical and organizational security measures
  11. Changing the privacy and cookie policy

1. Responsible
This policy applies to BV and applies to all our customers, partners, suppliers, guests and any other interested parties. The data you provide to BV during your registration will be carefully processed and secured in accordance with the terms and conditions.

2. Legal Bases
In accordance with the legal bases arising from the AVG, BV will always ask for your permission before we process your personal data.

3. Information
Our employees work daily with all details about locations and meetings, but also with personal data of our customers, partners, suppliers, guests. BV can process your personal data when you use our services and/or when you have provided it yourself, for example by using our online booking platform or by filling in our contact form. We will also store certain cookies when you visit one of our websites, in order to guarantee the quality of the website in question and to better serve your interests. Of course you can also choose to disable cookies. For this we would like to refer you to article 7 'Types of cookies'. With your permission, BV can process the following personal data:

  • Contact information, including name, email address, telephone number and billing/residence address;
  • Login and account information, including screen name and password;
  • Personal data, including gender, place of residence, date of birth and booking history;
  • Payment or credit card information;
  • Personal preferences, including your interests and marketing and cookie preferences;
  • Allergy and preference data, including with regard to food, drinks and locations;
  • Cookies and browsing(r) data.

When you use our website, BV collects information from your browser that may contain personal data. BV uses various methods, such as cookies and pixel tags, to collect this information. These may include the following information:

  • Your IP address and your cookie identifier;
  • Information about the extent to which your device is equipped with software that provides access to certain functions;
  • The unique ID and type of your device;
  • The domain, browser type and language;
  • The operating system and system settings;
  • The country and associated time zone;
  • Websites previously visited through your device;
  • Information about your interaction with our websites, such as click behavior, purchases and indicated preferences;
  • Access times and referring URLs.

4. Purposes and accountability BV processes your data for various activities. First of all to make and manage bookings for meetings or rooms. Secondly, for marketing and communication purposes, such as newsletters that inform you about relevant and similar services to the ones you purchase. This is also possible if you have a cooperation agreement and/or are in an invoice relationship with BV With every newsletter you receive, you can subscribe or unsubscribe to one or more newsletter lists. You can also send an e-mail stating your name and registered e-mail address to [email protected]. Thirdly, to improve our (online) services, for which we use personal and browser(r) data for analytical purposes. In addition to continuously improving our services and user experiences, this data is also used for testing purposes, troubleshooting and increasing the functionality and quality of our services. And finally to ensure that the meetings we organize for you fully meet your wishes and expectations.

Various personal data are used in the above activities. BV is happy to explain below how:

  • Name, position and gender: At BV we like to unburden you. We do this partly through good communication with our customers, partners, suppliers and guests. It is therefore important to know the name of a company's contact person. We also include the salutation (gender) and the role that the contact person fulfills in the company (function) below. This makes communication a lot easier;
  • E-mail address: The e-mail address of a contact person is only stored to make communication as easy as possible. If you sign up for our newsletter, we will also use your e-mail address for this purpose;
  • Telephone number: Although we mainly speak to our contacts by e-mail, we also like to do this orally, so we can ensure that we interpret wishes and preferences properly;
  • Bank details: To claim or pay payment;
  • Date of birth and address: We like to congratulate you when there is reason to do so, for example on your birthday. This also helps us to map out our target groups better, in order to serve our customers even better;
  • Allergy and preference data: Because we often provide food and drinks with a booking, we ask you to provide us with your allergy data and your preferences regarding food and drinks when booking. We are also happy to note your preferred location(s). This way we can best respond to your needs and we can assure you that everything is prepared according to your wishes. The data is stored so that we can serve you as needed next time. As a result, we can easily find out how the previous meeting went and what preferences you have in the event of repeated contact.

5. Your rights
You have a number of rights when processing your personal data:

  • Right to insight into the personal data collected by us;
  • Right to change your personal data;
  • Right to exchange your personal data;
  • Right to erasure by anonymization.

If you would like to know which personal data BV has of you and whether these are correct, you can ask us to send you an 'overview of personal data'. Your personal data can be changed, supplemented or anonymized by contacting us by telephone or e-mail. For this we kindly refer you to the contact information at the end of this document. You can also log in via your personal account and change your contact details. If you wish to invoke one or more of the aforementioned rights, BV will honor your request within one month at the latest.

Please note that data linked to a booking in progress at the time of contact or a booking in the future cannot be deleted. This is the minimum information required to keep the booking. With regard to rights regarding cookies: every time you visit one of our websites you will be asked about your cookie preferences, so you can switch them on and off each time.

6. Sites
This privacy statement applies to the website belonging to BV:

7. Types of Cookies
A cookie is a small file that is stored on your computer's hard drive to recognize you when you visit the website again. BV uses 3 types of cookies. 2 of these can be switched on and off separately. The validity period of the cookies varies from the length of your visit to unlimited. The storage and transmission of your data via the internet is secured. Disabling certain cookies may limit your experience on our site. When you visit our website, you will be asked which cookies you allow and which you want to refuse. If you change your mind, you can reload the site to express your preferences again. Below you will find the functions of the cookies and which data is processed.

  • Analytical cookies: These cookies are only used to gain insight into the use of our website and to use statistical software such as Google Analytics and Hotjar. With the help of these programs we find out what works and what doesn't and we can continuously optimize and improve the website. This includes the time and duration of your visit and which pages you have visited. These cookies are only used to make the use of the website in question easier for you. If you refuse these cookies, this can lead to less targeted recommendations and a slower functioning of the website. When processing these cookies, only anonymous data is processed, so you cannot be identified on the basis of this data;
  • Social media cookies: g BV uses social media cookies on all the aforementioned websites. We want to offer you the opportunity to easily exchange information from our website via social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. The cookies of the social media provider ensure that these options are available and function correctly. The commonly known icons indicate the use of social media cookies on our websites.
  • Advertising cookies (from third parties): Advertising cookies collect information to ensure that the advertisements that are visible on our websites, but also on other websites or on social media platforms, are somewhat relevant to your interests. In some cases, data is used for this that directly identifies you, this is due to the fact that it may be linked to your personal social media platform account(s).

8. Sharing of Personal Data
We distinguish 2 variants with regard to sharing your personal data:

  • Sharing by Due to the advanced systems we use at BV, we have a close collaboration with a number of technical support companies. Some of these companies may be located in a different country than the country where the personal data was originally collected. It is possible that legislation in these countries does not maintain the same level of security as the country where the data processing took place in principle. In these cases, we take all measures to ensure that this data is as well protected as within the European Union. We also conclude a processing agreement with all companies that receive your personal data. In this way, the security level is equalized.
  • Sharing by yourself: You have the right to share the personal data collected by us with another person or organization. When you submit a request for this, we ensure that you receive the requested data as quickly as possible in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format.

9. Retention Period BV stores your personal data carefully and no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which they were provided to us. The data will in any case be kept as long as you are linked to bookings in the future. Your data will be kept for 7 years after the last booking. This period has been drawn up on the basis of the statutory retention period for financial data. Your data will also be retained as long as you maintain your account or receive our newsletter.

10. Technical and organizational security measures BV takes the protection and security of your data seriously and uses appropriate measures to prevent misuse, loss, unauthorized access, unwanted disclosure and unauthorized modification of data. Our systems are well secured. By setting authorizations in our IT system per employee, among other things, we ensure that persons who are not authorized do not have access to your data.

11. Changing the privacy and cookie policy
It is not inconceivable that the privacy and cookie policy of BV will be expanded or changed in the near future. You can view the most current version at any time on our website. If the changes are of a very far-reaching nature, we will ensure that they are communicated in a clear and conspicuous manner.

This website is the property of BV and of course none of the text, photos or other content of this website may be copied and/or used on other websites, printed matter or other media without written permission from BV. We have created this website with the utmost care.

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