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  • Grand Hotel Amrath Kurhaus
  • Great Festival Kurhaus
  • Kurzaal-Kurhaus


  • Unique location on the boulevard of Scheveningen

  • Meetings in an inspiring environment

  • Hotel rooms with sea views

  • Berghotel-Amersfoort
  • Berghotel Party
  • Berghotel-Crown Room-Meeting

Amersfoort (NL)

  • Nice authentic hotel

  • Fifteen multifunctional rooms

  • For groups of up to 120 people

  • Atrium meeting room
  • Atrium lobby


  • Professionally equipped areas

  • Auditorium

  • High-end catering concept: Famous Flavors

  • Hotel-L'empereur-Exterior
  • Hotel-L'empereur-Room
  • Hotel-L'empereur-Meeting


  • Monumental and inspiring

  • Location next to the station

  • Many room options

  • Hotel-Lapershoek-Exterieur
  • Hotel-Lapershoek-Room


  • Easy to reach by public transport and car

  • Personal culinary interpretation possible

  • Located in a natural environment

  • La Vie Meeting Center Meeting room
  • La Vie Meeting Center Boardroom
  • La Vie Meeting Center Exterior


  • 40 meeting rooms, 53 room solutions so that there is always a suitable room

  • Extensive lunch buffet with organic and sustainable products

  • Centrally located and easily accessible by public transport and car

  • Hotel Mediapark Hilversum Exterior
  • Hotel Mediapark Hilversum Meeting room
  • Hotel Mediapark Hilversum Restaurant


  • Located in the center of Hilversum

  • Near Hilversum Media Park

  • Free and ample parking

  • Amrâth Airport Hotel Rotterdam Exterior
  • Amrâth Airport Hotel Rotterdam Outdoor Meetings
  • Amrâth Airport Hotel Rotterdam Meeting room


  • Easily accessible meeting and conference location in green Rotterdam

  • 9 multifunctional rooms for 2 to 1.000 people
  • Healthy tasty catering, organic and vegan(s)

The location has a lot of influence on the success of a meeting, which is why it is important to choose the right one. For example, a monumental location in green with a sustainable character can be very inspiring. With more than 250 filter options, we find a perfect location for every meeting!

  • The Green Arnhem Exterior
  • The Green Arnhem Meetings


  • Climate-neutral meetings

  • 14 Multifunctional rooms

  • Meeting Inspirations & Services

  • Tulip Inn Heerlen City Center Exterior
  • Tulip Inn Heerlen City Center Meeting room
  • Tulip Inn Heerlen City Center Hall


  • Located in the city center of Heerlen

  • Capacity up to 400 people

  • Monumental Art Deco building

  • Amrâth-Airport-Hotel-Schiphol Exterior
  • Amrâth-Airport-Hotel-Schiphol-Meeting room
  • Amrâth-Airport-Hotel-Schiphol-Lobby


  • Near Schiphol Airport and the city center of Amsterdam

  • Own Food Market

  • Extended stay hotel

  • Amrâth Grand Hotel Frans Hals Exterior
  • Amrâth Grand Hotel Frans Hals Meeting room
  • Amrâth Grand Hotel Frans Hals Main Hall


  • In the middle of the historic center of Haarlem

  • Near Central Station, easy to reach

  • Has 82 hotel rooms, including 4 Junior Suites

  • Unicorn-Meeting-Center-Amersfoort-Exterior
  • Unicorn-Meeting-Center-Amersfoort-Party
  • Unicorn-Meeting-Center-Amersfoort-Conference Room

Amersfoort (NL)

  • 25 small and large meeting rooms

  • STUDIO33 offers space for up to 350 people, also suitable for parties & events

  • 84 steps from Amersfoort Central station

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Book these locations directly online with real-time insight into price and availability!

  • Planetarium Meeting Center Amsterdam Exterior
  • Planetarium Meeting Center Amsterdam Meeting room
  • Planetarium Meeting Center Amsterdam Meetings


  • Small-scale meeting and conference location for gatherings of 2 to 250 people

  • 20 room solutions with a view of the greenery

  • Outdoor possibilities

  • Amrâth-Grand-Hotel-Amsterdam-Exterior
  • Amrâth-Grand-Hotel-Amsterdam-Dining Hall
  • Amrâth-Grand-Hotel-Amsterdam-Meeting room


  • Special location

  • Centrally situated

  • Many options for room rental

  • New Outdoor Society Exterior
  • New Outdoor Society Hall
  • New Outdoor Society Meeting Room


  • Own operational team with a technical crew, kitchen team and service employee

  • Hybrid meeting options

  • Flexible rooms with a total capacity of 2 to 1250 people

  • Beeckestijn-Meeting-Center-Exterior
  • Beeckestijn-Meeting-Center-Room
  • Beeckestijn-Meeting-Center-Conferences


  • Professionally equipped areas

  • Location in the green

  • Excellent accessibility