Contribute to a greener world by meeting at The Green Arnhem!

Contribute to a greener world with your meetings!
All your meetings can be perfectly combined with sustainability and vitality. That is why The Green Arnhem has already organized more than 5.000 climate-neutral meetings for satisfied guests, collaborates with sustainable and local partners and has been GreenKey Gold certified for 5 years.

Rooms of The Green Arnhem

Rent a small meeting room the Green in Arnhem


The Immerloo room is located on the ground floor and is named after the Immerloopark, which is located in the former Rhine basin.

Rent a meeting room at the Green in Arnhem


The Westerveld room is located on the ground floor and is named after a park in Arnhem South that was built in the 18e century was built.

Rent a large hall in Arnhem


The Sonsbeek room is located on the 12th floor and is accessible by elevator and stairs. The name of the room lives up to its name because from this room you have a beautiful view of the well-known Sonsbeek Park. The hall consists of 4 individual rooms that can be linked together to form 1 large room for up to 200 people in theater style.

Rent webinar space in Arnhem


The Posbank room is located on the ground floor and is named after a beautiful piece of heathland on the Veluwe.

The room is equipped with all modern meeting facilities such as an LCD TV, flipchart and Wi-Fi. In addition, there are sufficient presentation resources available in the sustainable Walter Docks, such as post-its, tape, nameplates and notepads.

Amount U shape Board/Square School Cabaret Theater Boardroom M2
5 8 12 12 18 30 750 <35
9 14 16 16 33 40 350 36-50
3 18 20 20 33 40 550 51-75
3 28 32 30 54 70 200 76-100
1 32 35 36 60 80 120 101-125
2 40 40 50 70 100 100 126-150
1 45 45 70 100 200 - 151-250


Sustainable meetings, Green Key Gold certified

Heart-warming hospitality

One contact person with whom you can communicate quickly and efficiently

Hybrid/online meetings

Technical experts who take care of everything

Professional appearance and facilities

Permanent contact person in the preliminary phase


Perfectly accessible in the green heart of Arnhem


Healthy enjoyment with responsible catering


  • Party and event location

  • Training location

  • Wifi internet

  • Parking lots

  • Perfectly accessible

Different rooms

  • 14 Multifunctional rooms

  • Large and frameless projection surface

  • Moving LED lighting

  • Omniwave sound system

  • Digital sound table

Food & Beverages

  • Restaurant

  • Extensive lunch buffet

  • Customized catering

  • End the meeting with drinks

  • 3-course dinner

All-in catering packages from The Green Arnhem

Always good, healthy and completely taken care of: The Green all-in catering packages. Make it easy for yourself and unforgettable for your guests. Choose one of the extensive packages and make your conference or meeting extra special.

For example, if you choose the 8-hour package, you and your guests will be cared for carefree for eight hours. Enjoy a whole day including a good start in the morning, water & bites, a lunch to love and later a spicy break.

Would you rather enjoy the all-in catering packages for 2 hours, 4 hours, 12 or even 24 hours? The chef and his kitchen staff are ready. With the energy that comes with the people of The Green Meeting Center Arnhem.

Whatever you choose for your guests, they will always enjoy tasty, pure and sustainable enjoyment in The Green. Want to know more about the culinary options? The Meeting Experts are happy to tell you all about it.

Catering at the Green in Arnhem

Taste and enjoy in the Fresh Food Corner

Fresh is always good. If it comes up close, it is even better, according to The Green. That is why the chefs in the Fresh Food Corner prepare the tastiest sandwiches, salads and hot dishes. Of course also with delicious and honest ingredients. Especially for you and your guests. Because tasting and enjoying gives you pure energy. Exactly what The Green Arnhem wants to give their guests!

An extensive lunch buffet is available every day for you and your guests, full of fresh and organic ingredients. Homemade or from close to home. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and/or lactose-free wishes are also heard at The Green. Breakfast, lunch, dinner or drinks, the chefs put all their energy into it. And you can taste it!

Curious about these tasty menus and packages? Do you have culinary wishes and ideas? Be sure to contact us!

Accessibility of The Green Arnhem

The Central parking garage is located a stone's throw from The Green. The Central parking garage has 1.050 parking spaces, including 14 charging points for electric cars. So green!

In the parking garage, follow the route to offices, towards the '1st' floor, you will then arrive at the office square where The Green is located in the blue tower.

If you come from the parking garage into the station hall, you can take the escalators up (near the Burger King), which will also take you to the office square.

If your colleagues also have to go to The Green, why not drive to your meeting together? This is not only better for the environment but also better for your wallet!

The Green Arnhem is Green Key Gold

Sustainable corporate social responsibility is a top priority at The Green. They believe it is important to deal with the world in which we live in a careful manner. To show that they comply with the laws and regulations in the field of corporate social responsibility, they have drawn up a statement with the measures taken.

Your conference in the heart of Arnhem

Your conference and The Green Meeting Center Arnhem, that is a sustainable combination. And energetic too. The Green has all the ingredients for a conference that will impress and be remembered for a long time. Give your guests this special conference location in the heart of Arnhem.

✅ Multifunctional conference room for up to 200 people

✅ 12 sub-room options

✅ Extensive conference services

Location, it is a big key in the success of your conference. Do you choose the liveliness of the city? Or will it be the peace and relaxation of a green environment? At The Green Meeting Center Arnhem you will find the best of both! And all this in one exciting conference location full of energy and inspiration. Your conference is already a success in advance. Promise.

Organize a conference in Arnhem

What guests say about The Green Arnhem…

Student tour of Graafschap College Facilities

“Received a tour with 20 students, given by Marleen. Beforehand, the students received a nice presentation about The Green Meeting Center, which even included a quiz with a prize!!! Then enjoy tasty small snacks and a drink in the cozy reception room of The Green. The Green Meeting Center is located behind the Arnhem railway station. You go up the escalator in the train station, go through the revolving door and you almost walk into it. So very easy to reach by public transport. Of course, using your own transport is also possible. In short, recommended. And don't forget the beautiful view from the (meeting) rooms!"

RVN-1 on

Sustainable meetings

“The location is ideal for people who come by public transport. This is more difficult by car, the parking garage is not ideal. The building is difficult to find for visitors by both public transport and car. The view from the room is beautiful. The arrangement of the tables is very school/businesslike. For meetings where more interaction is desired, a different setup and/or different tables would be nice. Food and drinks were excellent and sustainable. The booking process was also fantastic.”

Robin van Milligen on

Very positive!

“We were guests at The Green with the networkers of Business Netwerk Betuwe to our complete satisfaction. The personal contact with the location director and the staff was more than pleasant and very flexible. We really enjoyed the enormous hospitality and the fantastic view of this location, located directly on the Central Station of Arnhem.”

Jose Peters on

Worked wonderfully. Top location!

“Hospitable employees, good facilities and delicious catering!”

IvdW-1 on

Activities near The Green Arnhem

The Dutch Open Air Museum in Arnhem captures the history of our everyday lives. Plan your visit to the Open Air Museum.

The Eusebius Church or Grote Kerk in Arnhem is the largest and main Protestant church in Arnhem.

Dive into 8 million liters of water, go on an adventure in the covered jungle and admire the vultures in our desert! Experience 45 hectares of animal park in Burgers' Zoo!

The Arnhem War Museum has a truly beautiful and unique exhibition. This is one you won't expect and/or encounter anywhere else!