More return by outsourcing your
meeting room reservations

Get Connected™ makes your meeting rooms bookable online in real time in a secure system. Thanks to our unique integration between booking platform and Property Management System, we efficiently connect meeting and event bookers to your location(s). As Meeting Experts, we rent out your meeting rooms for the best prices to corporate companies, organizations and governments. We register all bookings in our reservation system OMS, so that you have 24/7 insight into your turnover and bookings. Are you also ready for more return?

Experienced team
A full-time team with all the necessary expertise without a monthly salary – a variable fee on turnover achieved

Complete system
Unique integration between booking platform and Property Management System without a high license fee

More return
By our experienced sales team, yield policy, advice for strategic pricing and optimal room occupancy

When it comes to selling meeting rooms…
what are you running into?

  • Finding new customers for my location takes a lot of time

  • There is a lot involved in making quotations and contracts

  • I would like to become a (more) sustainable location, but I don't know where to start

  • It is difficult to properly plan staff due to changing crowds

  • I know that my prices and occupancy need to be better coordinated, but I'm not sure how I can do that properly

  • I could use the advice of a Meeting Expert…

Meeting experts

The experienced professionals who are always the point of contact for customers. They take requests for your location, call the customer and inventory and qualify each request. They then prepare the quotations, maintain contact with the customer and consciously aim for conversion of every meeting. Interim changes are also discussed and recorded by them. Our Meeting Experts are a 100% fully-fledged and cheaper alternative to your own reservation team.


As a Connected™ partner you can count on marketing for your location that really reaches bookers of meetings, events and conferences. For example, you get it by default Activate Gold package. In addition, we can manage the website of your location and create content so that you are optimally visible and findable online. Would you rather outsource all your marketing? Then our marketing professionals will do that for you from A to Z, both online and offline.

Sales & contracting

The sales team maintains relationships with contract customers. As a permanent point of contact for buyers and directors, they are the guiding hand in the choice of location for bookers. We can better bring your location to the attention of our 300+ contract customers. Our sales team goes to appointments for you, gives new customers tours of your location and identifies trends and developments that we anticipate together. Your own account manager on location is no longer necessary, but is of course still allowed.


Everything from contract agreements and bookings to invoices and reports come together in OMS [Onemeeting System]. All data from your location is available 24/7 in real time, so that you have a good feeling and we can actively aim for a higher return. With OMS, your location can be booked online in real time, we automatically apply yield and revenue policies and all departments are provided with information on a commercial and operational level. Do you want to know more about OMS?

“GET CONNECTED™ offers organizations the opportunity to work hyper-efficient and asset-light. The benefits of having your own sales, marketing and reservations teams are no longer reserved for hotel chains or large companies.”

Kevin van Grondelle
Chief Business Development Officer

Climate neutral meetings

Grow your


Take advantage of our knowledge of the market

“We have been working with for quite some time now, with great pleasure and success. Especially the marketing support and sales cooperation are excellent. We are allowed to receive customers and guests that we would otherwise never have had and are included in marketing communications in the middle of the target group that is so interesting to us.”

Maarten Geurtse, Director, Nieuwe Buitensociëteit Meeting Center Zwolle and Theater Buitensoos

“The Meeting Experts of always contact us personally for operational coordination if there are specific customer requirements. This allows us to give the customer the best advice together.”

Marleen Donkers Director, The Green Meeting Center Arnhem

“I am responsible for the smooth running of the day for our meeting guests. I do this using the sheets from the OMS Onemeeting System. These sheets are our bible, all the necessary information is on them. If the trainer has wishes or preferences, we can add this so that an optimal service is created. Once we have added the trainer's wishes, it will be visible for all our locations. It makes my work enjoyable and clear.”

Henry Zeeman, Amrath Airport Hotel Rotterdam

Our CONNECTED™ partners

Onemeeting Services - Cost-effective Meeting Center - Eenhoorn Amersfoort (NL)
Onemeeting Services - Profitable Meeting Center - Atrium Amsterdam
Onemeeting Services - Cost-effective Meeting Center - The Green
Onemeeting Services - Profitable Meeting Center - Theater Buitensoos
Onemeeting Services - Cost-effective Meeting Center - La Vie
Onemeeting Services - Profitable Meeting Center - Planetarium Amsterdam

client case

Since September 2020 Atrium Meeting Center Connected™ partner

After talking to several parties, receiving business cases and conducting internal consultations, Eline came to the conclusion that no other party could offer Atrium Meeting Center what they were looking for, except with the Connected™ partnership.

Frequently Asked Questions

Connected™ a full-service Marketing, Sales and Reservation service for companies with meeting capacity. We take care of all commercial processes, such as contract management, the reservation process, sales and promotion. The starting point is that you only have to take care of the operational execution on location, such as preparing rooms and catering.

Connected™ is for anyone who wants to organize their meeting operations in a scalable way. We have proven success with multi-tenant buildings, theatres, convention centres, conference centers and hotels. The Connected™ is extremely suitable for locations that do not have meetings & events as their core business, such as stadiums, colleges, campuses and multi-tenant real estate.

Every operation is different, therefore also the costs. Connected™ is already available from a few hundred euros per month. The costs are always made up of a fixed fee and a variable fee based on the turnover achieved.

That is included in our fee. Our Connected™ fee is always hybrid. That means a fixed amount per month and a variable amount based on the final turnover. This means that we benefit from converting requests into definitive bookings because we only then receive our variable fee.

Larger teams can distribute workload better than small teams. Our sales and marketing teams work across multiple locations and are therefore better able to use their time. At a quiet moment for location A, they can do more work for location B, and vice versa. A marketing employee working for one location cannot do that. That's why Connected™ is so efficient and economical.

If you become a Connected™ partner, we will redesign your location in Onemeeting System. All dates and bookings from your current system will be transferred and reconfirmed by us. This is a one-time transition and guarantees that everything is correctly configured. You can then terminate the license of your current system.

As much as you wish. The minimum requirements for Connected™ are to place all reservations in Onemeeting System. This means that you are not directly responsible for quotations, because our Meeting Experts do that for you, but of course you think behind the scenes with your account manager about how we can optimize your operation. All other services, such as sales and marketing, are scalable and custom; this way you can always consider for yourself how much influence you want to keep.

We conclude Connected™ partnerships for a minimum of twelve months, but preferably for three years or longer. Why? Because the implementation takes the most time. We always work together for at least a year so that you do not (fully) charge these costs to you as a client.

All customer data is centrally stored in Onemeeting System. We are ISO27001 certified to guarantee the security of all data. This way, only the right people with the required authorizations can access your data. This could be, for example, your dedicated account manager or a Meeting Expert to make a reservation. Of course you can also view all data yourself at any time through management reports and your personal log-in within Onemeeting System.

As in any good relationship, the right agreements are essential. Our processes are tightly defined so that information and data is only available to those who require it. This assurance is confirmed by our ISO27001 certification. Thanks to these good agreements (such as KPIs and SLAs) and guidelines, we can take the best care of your operation, without our relationships with others influencing it.

Connected™ is especially interesting if you want to have meeting rooms professionally sold & promoted based on a hyper-efficient and advanced Property Management System.